‘3 Word Reviews’, ‘Try this’ & ‘Eco-credentials’.

We have so many wine loving friends who are extremely busy with work, kids, sorting the house out and life in general. I also know many wine lovers who couldn’t give a toss what Ph the soil is in Piedmont, or that the cultivation of a vineyard is done with horses in some Alsace vineyards, or the time the skins are left in the juice to make an Orange wine. The facts they want are: is the wine good? How will I know if I’ll like it? Is it made ethically, with care, and not full of all sorts of nasty unspeakables which can damage the environment & ourselves?

We have made super easy to answer those questions so you can choose your wine and get on with your day.

The 3 word reviews. Not always 3 words actually, sometimes 4 or 5, but will give a real essence of the wine. For example if your taste is for full-bodied reds from sunny climes, as we hover our arrow over the bottle we see something like ‘Full, Dark Fruits, Spice’ giving an instant indicator that if you like big reds from the southern Rhone, or big bold Argentinian Malbecs you’re like to enjoy this wine. Like wise if you hover over a white you might not have seen before it may say ‘Floral, Honey, Crisp Acidity’ and you can take a reasonable shot that if you enjoy Riesling & Gewürztraminer, you’ll enjoy this. We hope this option saves you time in your quest for great wine, and leaves you more time for slurping, and life in general.

‘Try this’

Making the change to craft wines from supermarket mass produced factory wines is not always easy, especially if you are not sure how to go about it. We have made this process easier by having a comparable option. So if you like a Kiwi Sauvignon Blanc (and who doesn’t) and that’s pretty much all you drink, the ‘Try this’ with give another wine which is somewhat similar and that you might enjoy even more. In this instant for The NZ Sauvignon Blanc it might give you the option of South African Chenin Blanc where you can pick up the exotic fruits, vibrancy and acidity between the 2 wines.


Simply that. The way in which the wine is produced. This could be certified or practising organic, biodynamic, vegan, vegetarian, low sulphur, low intervention, ‘natural’, eco-friendly, small batch producing or all of these. We feel that wine should be made with an eye on the place where it is made as well as the actual product. Promoting biodiversity in the vineyard is a great thing, not just for the eco system, but we feel, as do many others that it is the best way to produce a true reflection of the place it was made, or the ‘terroir’ if you like. There really is a movement for this happening in the wine industry as more and more makers are discovering what is seen as better wine into the bargain as well as future proofing the land for the generations to come.