About 22 Yards Wine

22 Yards Wine Bar & Merchant is an independently owned wine bar & merchants in the heart of York city centre. Directly opposite York Minster we have made a beautiful yet relaxing space in the historic Georgian splendour of High Petergate.
With over 20 years experience in hospitality, we are putting our expertise and knowledge of great wine & food to good use. Our passion for delicious wine & ingredients means every single bottle and every food supplier has been carefully selected for their skill & passion in their product.
We are not just an ordinary wine bar. We have over 150 different wines available to purchase from our shelves and take home. We also have an online shop, delivering locally & nationally, and a monthly wine club. We can also cater for your event's wine needs.
Our ethos is simple. We want customers to relax & enjoy great wines with absolutely zero wine snobbery in stylish, cosy surroundings, nibble on delicious food and have fun & memorable times in a memorable place.
And the name '22 Yards'? The idea for our hybrid wine bar & merchants was concieved in a chance meeting over drinks at a local cricket match. When viewing the property we discovered that the length of the customer area is circa 22 yards ( the length of a cricket pitch) and so '22 Yards' was born.