Hello wine lovers.

Why set up a wine bar & shop in York?

Well, yes we have a passion for wine and we love drinking wine, but so do plenty of folks. The main reason we are launching this business is to help other people discover better wine, especially people who don’t want to study for a degree just to be able to choose a good wine from a list.

It can be intimidating to choose wine, in fact we feel it has purposely been made to be so. Well not anymore! The consumer doesn’t have to buy wine, they choose to. So why not make it easier and more enjoyable? That’s why we’re here, to help people choose some great wine in as easy & stressless way possible.

Theres nothing wrong with learning about wine of course, and we love to do that, but we wanted to create a space where anyone who is able to enjoy wine can just have a quick look around and choose something they are going to love. If you don’t want to know about the Terroir or where the yeast came from, but do care that the wine is great and is being made with passion & skill, 22 Yards Wine is for you. Welcome.