Josmeyer  Riesling Le Dragon 2018. REFINED, INTENSE, POWERFUL

Josmeyer Riesling Le Dragon 2018. REFINED, INTENSE, POWERFUL


Intense, aromatic, complex, poweful Josmeyer Riesling Le Dragon is a biodynamic white wine made on lees by Domaine Josmeyer in the AOC Alsace (France) with the Riesling variety.

Jean Meyer, a passionate biodynamic winegrower, revolutionised the Alsace region with original and innovative ideas when she took over the Josmeyer family winery. Today, his two daughters are carrying their father’s legacy, combining the promotion of nature with the revitalisation of art. They produce very balanced wines with excellent acidity that are always sold in bottles with creative labels made by young artists.

Josmeyer Riesling Le Dragon comes from old Riesling vineyards with limestone soil and an exceptional microclimate known as Petit Senegal. These are certified biodynamic vines that are cultivated using only organic treatments and no chemical products. The grapes are harvested manually when they reach optimum ripeness.

Once the Josmeyer Riesling Le Dragon grapes reach the winery, they are pressed whole, slowly and gently for 5-8 hours, using pneumatic presses. The must is then transferred to thermoregulated stainless steel tanks and fermented spontaneously with native yeasts for one month. The temperature is controlled at first but then left to carry on naturally. After a very light filtering, it is bottled.

Josmeyer Riesling Le Dragon is a powerful Riesling, named after a legend of the Grand Cru where a Dragon fought against the sun. A powerful but very refined white wine.

Country: France

Region: Alsace

Grape: Riesling

ABV: 12

Food Match: Sushi, fondue